Three Technology Gadets That Can Benefit You Every Day

Gadgets picksAdvances in modern technology has moved so fast that it gets difficult for even those most ardent technology buff to keep up with all of the new gadgets. So, let’s say you’ve already got a smart phone, the latest video game systems, and of course, a tricked-out laptop computer.

What else could you possibly need? Let’s have some fun and look at three of my favorite new high-technology gadgets.

Three Top Tech Gadgets That Can Benefit You Every Day!

I – PetBit

Are you worried that Fluffy or Fido is getting a bit out of shape because he spends too much time curled up by your feet while you’re gaming? The solution might be PetBit. This device attaches to your best friend’s collar, and it tracks his movements during the day.

You can keep track of this activity with your smart phone or computer. If your fuzzy friend doesn’t get enough activity, you might have to hook up his leash and venture outside with him for a walk.

II – Typo iPhone Keyboard

Do you ever think that your iPhone 5 is just about perfect but lacks only an actual keyboard? Now you can buy an iPhone case for any iPhone 5 or greater phone with at least an operating system of IOS 6. This case gives you a Blackberry-style keyboard to use with your phone. It is totally integrated, and it works just as if it came with your phone.

Maybe a gadget like the Typo iPhone keyboard case won’t benefit a true tech geek like you very much, but you might consider it as a great gift for your mom or dad.

The AeoroPress For Coffee

You really don’t need to spend $4 to $5 for your daily coffee every day when it is so easy and convenient to make yourself a cup of fresh brewed Joe. This device will set you back about $70, but it will begin paying for itself because you can enjoy the luxury of great coffee at home or in your office in a flash.

Even though I call this a tech gadget, that is mostly because of its sleek and innovative design and construction. Instead of calling it a tech gadget, I should probably just call it a gadget for tech geeks.

In fact, the AeoroPress just requires your palm power. You add a spoonful of your favorite ground coffee and a cup of hot water. Press down the handle and enjoy a steaming cup of coffee. You can make fresh brewed coffee as quickly as instant, but you are free to enjoy all of your favorite blends. While you are buying one for yourself, you may also want to buy a couple as gifts because your buddies are sure to want one.

Why Not Benefit From Tech Gadgets?

Hey, new gadgets can help you keep your dog (and yourself) healthier, make your iPhone ore useful, and even deliver great coffee at home. Enjoy!

5 Ways That Google Tracks Your IP Address


If you are like a lot of people, going on the internet is something that you do without really thinking about it. You may not even be aware that different companies are tracking your movements on the computer, or why they might be doing that.

Ever visit a store online and head to your favorite social media site and see an ad for that same store? You may have thought that was a coincidence, but the fact is that companies use a variety of methods to track you across the internet. One of the most common ways they do that is by tracking your internet Protocol address, more commonly referred to as your IP address or your IP.

Even the companies you use to search for things on the internet track you. For example, Google, the most popular search engine in the country, tracks your IP in a number of ways. Here are five ways that Google tracks your IP.

Your Search History

As a search engine, Google gives you the answers to your queries. However, it also keeps a history of the terms and images you search for. Want to see what Google sees when it looks at the sites you’ve been to? Go here:

Google Maps

Your phone and your tablet have IP addresses as well, and Google can track you this way. If you check into a Google service through your phone and “OK” a request for location services, Google can track your approximate location and store it in your “location history”.

Don’t want to have a location history? Head to and delete the entries.

Your Phone

Have an Android phone? That’s Google’s operating system. Google can track whatever information it deems useful, and even if you are offline it can store information to be uploaded later on.

Your Browser

If you use Firefox, you are likely already aware that Firefox makes Google its search engine by default, and will track you through search. However, something else happens when you use Firefox. In fact, when you use Firefox, Google is able to tell what websites you use because Firefox checks to see whether the websites are listed on a list of “safe” sites maintained by Google.

Firefox is not the only browser that is targeted by Google. Safari’s users were also targeted by Google because of the same “safe” list.

You may not be aware of this, but Google has owned Youtube for some time. That means Google is able to track your activities while on the site, including which videos you watch and what kind of comments you leave for videos.

In its defense, Google claims that it monitors your IP and use of the internet to give you a better internet experience. And after all, you do agree to disclaimers that allow them to do this. They also offer opportunities for you to opt out of different services.

You just have to be aware of what you are doing on the internet, because Google can see what you’re doing. Read disclaimers. Opt out of Location Services. Do whatever you can to keep yourself safe online.

What’s So Fantastic About Playstation 4?

With over 10 million units sold, the 4th version of the Sony Playstation, Playstation 4, offers some top notch gaming at a fraction of the price of its closest competitor, the Xbox.

The Playstation 4, or PS4, offers some new features that set it apart from other gaming consoles out there. Here are some of the features that make the PS4 so fantastic.

Social Media Integration

One of the best things about the Playstation 4 is that it hooks you up to Facebook and other social media sites. At any point during gameplay, you can take a screenshot to post online, or share information with your friends. You can create short clips to share online with all of your social contacts.

Not only that, but you can even invite your contacts to watch your gameplay through Ustream and other services. That way, people can watch you play in realtime, as it happens.

Play During Download

Because every single Playstation 4 game is available in the Playstation store for download, you may be interested in buying a few titles. However, you may think the download will take too long, and you may be impatient to play it.

With PS4playstation 4, you can start gameplay as soon as you start downloading. No longer do you have to wait for the entire game; you can get started as soon as you click the button. This is also the case for demos that you want to try out.

Playstation Plus

When you join Playstation Plus with your PS4, you get access to free games every month. That can end up saving you a lot of money over time, as you get to experiment with different titles and see what you want to ultimately buy.

Playstation App

The Playstation app allows you to sign into your PS4 account from your tablet or smartphone, which means that you can pick up on play wherever you are. This means that you can play your PS4 wherever you happen to be.

What’s more, you can use your phone or tablet to act as a second screen, and even invite people in to play with you with multiplayer capabilities. That opens up an entirely new world of gaming, since a lot more can be going on than ever before.

Other Applications

When you buy a PS4, you don’t even have to use it for the video games. You can use it to download Hulu, Amazon Prime and other applications that offer you music, movies and television shows to watch whenever you choose. That adds value to the PS4, since many people buy different devices for these applications. You only have to buy the console, instead of a number of different pieces of equipment.

Now that you know a little about why the Playstation 4 is a great console and a solid investment, consider getting one of your own. Once you spend an afternoon playing with it, you’ll wonder how you were ever able to play video games without it.

Video Games Are Not Bad Like Everyone Says They Are

vVideo games get a bad wrap in our society. They are looked at as a time waster or something that causes the downfall of someone’s soul. This simply isn’t true. While it is possible for someone to abuse them, it is like anything else and there really are a lot of benefits to them.

Most adults 30-40 years of age and younger grew up with video games. They have memories of when they used to play and what they used to do with them. They know how they work and what you need to be aware of.

Children today are growing up with more high-tech versions of the games their parents used to play. The graphics are better and there is more to the game. This also doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Video games can teach a child a lot about how to live their life. It can teach them patience and how to share if they have siblings or play with friends. It can teach them that sometimes you have to try 100 times to get where you want to be. That you shouldn’t ever give up on your dreams.

Today’s world is also really technological. The kids that grow up playing games will know more about technology than their friends that didn’t. The world is going to get even more connected and online with each other as each year goes by. It is best to be able to teach our children at a young age how to navigate all of that.

Some games are rather mild and are best for the younger kids. It might be a good idea to stay away from some of the more mature games. This is possible to do because there are so many great games available for kids today. All they need to go is going to a local game shop and see what they have to offer.

Kids can play on a console, computer or even a phone or tablet. There are many different ways to play and sometimes people play on more than one device. It just depends on when they can play and what they enjoy playing on.

It is important that a child do the work they need to do before they play video games. Getting into the habit of putting off homework or chores because of a game is not a good habit it get into. Kids should learn that once you do your work you can reward yourself with game time.

Playing games all day everyday can also be an issue. Kids and adults need to be spending a lot of time outside. There can still be a lot of time for game play at night or during bad weather. It needs to be a good mix to stay healthy.

Overall video games can be beneficial and are not bad like everyone says that they are. There are a lot to them and can really help a child get ready for adulthood. Just be careful about the time spent on them and everything should work out alright.